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* Essential Oils in Colour ISBN 1 899308 14 8
* The Essential Blending Guide ISBN 1 899308 24 5

Essential Oils in Colour

Rosemary Caddy
ISBN 1 899308 14 8

* Aromatherapy in living colour
* Chemistry at a glance
* Comprehensive index, glossary and bibliography
* Enables creative blending
* 90 Classic profiles of pure essential oils


This book gives a full description of the Caddy Profile system, along with Caddy Classic Profiles showing the typical composition of 90 commonly used essential oils along with extensive notes on their theraputic uses.

Review - by Brenda Cooke

This book is rightly described as a brightly coloured gem, and is the most exciting and informative book on aromatherapy that I have yet seen. Rosemary Caddy has developed a logical system of coloured profiles – Caddy Classic Profiles – for each essential oil, each one having its own unique brilliantly coloured ‘pie’ chart which acts as an individual fingerprint.

The author is a qualified clinical aromatherapist and a lecturer in educational research. She is conducting a programme of research into the chemistry of essential oils and is currently investigating synergistic mixes of oils. The clearly structured visual system is designed for the professional and student, and makes it possible for the reader to actually see at a glance the chemical qualities of the essential oils. This approach makes it very easy for the student to understand and link the chemistry to the function.

There is a different colour for each of the chemical families (functional groups), and the colours are ranged in logical order, from shades of blue for the relaxing esters, aliphatic aldehydes and ketones, through green, yellow, to shades of red for the stimulating alcohols and phenols.

There is a page for each essential oil, with its pie chart. The percentage of each chemical family is listed alongside the matched colour boxes beside the pie chart for quick and easy reference. The colour boxes are repeated under the body systems, and property/uses are given. Specific chemical constituents are given at the bottom of the page.

The book contains 90 oils including 5 types of Eucalyptus. The differences in the coloured pie charts of these are immediately obvious and quite striking – it is very interesting to compare them all. As one who has studied Aromatic Medicine, I think the Caddy Classic Profile is a great advance in enabling the student to understand the properties and subtle variations of the essential oils.

The Essential Blending Guide

Rosemary Caddy
ISBN 1 899308 24 5

* Blends in Living Colour
* Fifty Common Ailments
* Home Collection of Blends
* Comprehensive Index
* Chemistry of Blends

This book gives a full description of 50 Common Ailment Blends, along with their Caddy Classic Profiles showing their chemical composition. Detailed treatment notes are given for each Common Ailment

Reader's Review

Summary : Clear instructions for using essential oils to treat fifty common ailments. Easy to use and to follow.

The book lists 50 common ailments in alphabetical order. For each ailment a well tried effective blend of essential oils is given. Notes on each essential oil used in the blend are written next to the recipe. These notes highlight the particular therapeutic properties of each oil that makes it a good choice to help with each specific ailment.

For each ailment full treatment notes are given. These include several ways in which the blend of essential oils can be used to alleviate the condition. Also further notes on such things as diet and lifestyle are provided.

The Caddy Classic Profile of each blend is shown. This provides an instant visual of the chemical nature of the blend.

As the reader uses this book they meet each essential oil being used to help with a specific ailment. In this way an understanding of each oil in relationship to the ailments it helps is built up..

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