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The Essential Cards are....
sets of cards providing essential facts on essential oils!
The information is concise and reliable, presented in a clear and logical structure, and enhanced by illustrations and chemical profiles. The latter, or Caddy Classic Profiles, also feature on the reverse of each card, partly to assist memorisation, but also for their unique ability to reveal an oil's nature at a glance. Caddy Classic Profiles depict the chemical make-up of typical oil samples. A range of eleven colours represents the chemical families that an oil may contain, from medium blue for the more gentle, relaxing esters, through to bright red for the more powerful phenols.

Cards 1.3 and 2.3 give the Key to the Chemical Families, which lists the possible properties for each chemical family. By using the Key Card to read the different Profiles, you will become increasingly familiar with the various chemical constituents.

While essential oils work synergistically, an oil's Profile helps to gauge its possible actions, usage and precautions, and should prove very helpful when selecting oils for treatments. The Essential Cards thus constitute an invaluable learning and reference tool for both students and qualified aromatherapists.

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Essential Cards Activities by Sarah Thomas
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Essential Cards Pack 1
Sarah Thomas and Rosemary Caddy


Essential Cards Pack 2
Sarah Thomas and Rosemary Caddy


About Sarah Thomas


photo of Sarah ThomasI am a translator, proof-reader, aromatherapist, holistic therapist, and artist.... These various skills have blended to take expression in the Essential Cards.
I have been interested in holistic healing for many years, and finally decided to study healing arts after attending a very therapeutic art group in 1998. After qualifying in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Nutrition, Counselling by a Therapist, and Indian Head Massage in 1999 (IIHHT diploma) I went on to study advanced aromatherapy. I devised the prototype Essential Cards as revision cards when studying for the ITEC Aromatherapy examination in June 2000.
Encouraged by my fellow students' appreciation of the cards, I approached Rosemary Caddy about producing the cards and using her Caddy Classic Profiles. Rosemary and her husband, Peter, were just considering producing a new learning tool, so we met up in August 2000 to discuss the cards, and agreed to publish them. The original cards didn't have any illustrations: Rosemary thought these would make the cards more complete; I agreed to have a go at this task, which had me engrossed for a good six months! The cards took us over a year to produce, as we laboured over every aspect of form and content, to make them as accurate and user-friendly as possible. Working on this project was a challenging endurance test, but collaborating with Rosemary was a very enriching and enjoyable experience. I hope the product of this partnership proves to be equally enriching and enjoyable to its users!


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