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See your own blend of essential oils in colour!

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The Caddy Blending Calculator

CD-ROM for Windows 95 or newer

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This software is designed for use in conjunction with the books Essential Oils in Colour and The Essential Blending Guide and will instantly calculate and display the Caddy Profile for any blend of up to 10 oils chosen from the 90 featured in the books.

The software in action

*Instant, interactive profiling of new blends - enables creative blending
*Print out blend recipes and profiles, (requires colour printer) or paste into wordprocessor
*Use common names, Latin names or both
*90 essential oils to choose from
*Find oils by name or page number
*Designed for ease of use, with step-by-step instructions

Download a free demonstration

In this cut-down demonstration you can only use the first 4 oils in the list, and can not save blends to disc. Apart from that it works just like the full program. (requires Windows 95, NT4 or later).

Click here to download the demo...

The file is approximately 360K in size and should download in less than 3 minutes on a typical modem. When the file has downloaded, find the file "cbcdemo" on your hard drive and double-click on it to install the demo.


Software requires Windows 95,98, NT4 or 2000, a display supporting 256 colours or more and an (optional) colour printer.

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